I am a singer, others have said I am good at it, but now I am starting to believe it. A couple of house parties later and I'm already getting ready for my big debut. July 2008 the Journey Begins. Follow my progression week-by-week.

Happy 2009….

Yo What Up?

2009 nine is finally here. When talking to friends recently everyone seemed to have the same idea in mind. Start taking care of themselves better. I, for instance, like a drink or two, or three, or four. Which isn’t truly  a problem for me just yet. However when I go on a spree as I did last week, it shows that partying too hard can lead to discomfort in forms of sickness (i.e. Strep Throat, Trips to the ER, etc.). 

For a rock star, which I do not consider myself to be (yet), isn’t that party hard stuff supposed to come with more and more success? Well if so, then I want to catch up with success. This year I am starting off with spreading my wings a bit and experimenting with other bands. I have been invited to play with a band “Camel Toe” who lays down probably some of the best local funk music I have ever heard. So that should be pretty exciting. I’m gonna open up, break open the collection of my written lyrics, and start making something of them with recordings that Camel Toe has given me to record over. You gotta start somewhere, and I intend to.

Also the dream is for LSP to play in Ft. Lauderdale so I’m gonna start making that a reality as well. Obviously learning more songs and getting to somewhere around 70 songs by the end of the year is a goal of mine as well. Voice lessons will have to begin soon and beginning Feb. 1st I’m getting on that train.

I’m cutting down on smoking, almost to the point of quitting. My drinking will only happen during the weekends, and im gonna be hitting the gym hard everyday. When not singing, working, or going to the gym, im gonna get back into trading stocks like the good ‘ol days.

There is a new Kryshka in ‘09. Watch Out Now!!!