I am a singer, others have said I am good at it, but now I am starting to believe it. A couple of house parties later and I'm already getting ready for my big debut. July 2008 the Journey Begins. Follow my progression week-by-week.

Love Affair - Pepper (Use to Practice)

The Mighty Quinn - 12/4/08

Random 3 Non-Blondes Song “What’s Goin On” - Hilarious

Down With Disease - 12/4/08 - Cool Jam At the End

Love Affair - Boardrider’s - 11/28/08

8:16 a.m. - Boardrider’s - 11/28/08

Awkward Night At Boardrider’s…

Something was off this night at Boardrider’s. Perhaps Travis suffering from a mild case of sun poison/dehydration, and everyone becoming a bit too comfortable with our playing because we blew the roof off the week before. Oh yeah and the lack of practice the week of. Regardless, It was nothing like the week before. But we survived, we drank a shit load, me especially (drinking out of a pitcher). The following is what surfaced from the show. Be ready this following Friday. Time to tighten it up!!!!

Get Ready - Boardrider’s - 11/21/08

8:16 a.m. - Boardrider’s - 11/21/08

Use Me - Boardrider’s - 11/21/08

Tribute - Boardrider’s - 11/21/08